PAUSD High School Lunch Clubs aim to cultivate an environment that inspires others to discover their own passion for service through a combination of local (YCS) and international (Interact) organizations, community outreach, and social responsibility.

The two YCS-Interact Clubs offer fellow club members multiple long and short-term service opportunities each week. They also lead school wide events, such as the Spring Service Days, where hundreds of students head out into the community for meaningful service.

For more information on each YCS-Interact Club, please visit the clubs’ websites.

Signup dates:
Gunn High School – September 16th during lunch
Palo Alto High School – September 19th during lunch

Scheduled meeting days and times:
Henry M. Gunn High School YCS-Interact
Mondays, Room N211
Facebook Page

Palo Alto High School YCS-Interact
Thursdays, Room 215
Facebook Page