The Mountain View High School Annual Computer Science App Contest is May 26, 2017.  Beginning each January,  service-learning students in the Computer Science department design and build mobile apps.  Working individually or in small teams, students research a community needs, either on their school campus in the wider community, and create a mobile app that will meet those needs.

Last year’s student winners were:

Daniel Ciao – Best Overall for his app to show speed limit when using Google maps.

Stephen Hurwit -Best Community Service – Stephen’s app scans students’ school id card. Event organizations can use this data to see if a student has paid or not.

Marc Bacvanski – Best Interface – His app allows teachers to create flash cards using just a Google spreadsheet.  Any updates are then pushed automatically for the students to use.

Nathan Lutz – Most Useful App – Nathan created an app for his US History class.  It quizzes students on questions designed by the teachers, and gives a score.  Students can practice this over and over again.

To visit the MVHS App Competition website, go to: